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Americans prefer showers because showering is a kind of job- you stand, you scrub, you shampoo. In comparison, bathing is inactive. You lie in a bathtub, your eyes closed. You accomplish nothing. By the end of a long bath, you're slightly older and slightly cleaner. So undervalued are baths in our culture that there is no word for "taking a bath," as there is for showering. (The word bathing covers all types of personal cleansing.) For this reason, I suggest the word bathifying, which conveys some of the leisurely thoughtfulness of the bathtub. Bathifying resembles edifying, meaning "tending to educate or uplift."
Sparrow, The Sun (Aug. 2002)
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i think i already posted this once but it's worth mentioning again

"Blurse" - noun - A blessing AND a curse.

often things that seem bad lead to things that are good, and vice versa
Haliday Bay

66 Hot dogs in 12 minutes ???

Apparently this happened on the 4th of July (See wikipedia).

Joey Chestnut ate 66 Hot dogs in 12 MINUTES ???

Hmmm........that gives rise to a new word. He EXAGGERATE 66 hot dogs in 12 minutes.
One of the descriptions for 'exaggerate' is 'hyperbolize'.........
-and I'm sure that would be MOST necessary for one who has exaggereaten SO MANY hot dogs SO QUICKLY. He won't be able to just metabolize them, would he ?

Your thoughts........ ?
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random acts of physical affection. ie: running across the room, passionatly kissing someone then returning to prior activites.

(thanks to animus for this one!)

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