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Americans prefer showers because showering is a kind of job- you stand, you scrub, you shampoo. In comparison, bathing is inactive. You lie in a bathtub, your eyes closed. You accomplish nothing. By the end of a long bath, you're slightly older and slightly cleaner. So undervalued are baths in our culture that there is no word for "taking a bath," as there is for showering. (The word bathing covers all types of personal cleansing.) For this reason, I suggest the word bathifying, which conveys some of the leisurely thoughtfulness of the bathtub. Bathifying resembles edifying, meaning "tending to educate or uplift."
Sparrow, The Sun (Aug. 2002)
  • I like that!
    • have you bathified today?

      i like larger tubs of yore. what is up with the miniscule tub/shower combos so prevalent today?
      ..and i'm not even a large person-!

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