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Neo Wordism

No wonder I came up with this at 4am...

No wonder I came up with this at 4am...

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new glasses
Insomnimaniacal (in-som-ni-ma-ni-a-cal) - the state of being driven insane by being awake for far too long...
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  • thank you for your submission
    • You're welcome =)

      Sad part is by the time I get home I can rarely remember all the coolest words I come up with... =P
      • you need a little pocket notebook to jot things in like i have
        • I have one too... just more often than not I can't find a writing utensil.......
          • i almost always have a pen on me, too, as long as i have a pocket. since the laptop acquisition i've been a bit lazy on that tho
            • I usually have about six in my purse, so long as people don't walk off with them...
              • solution for us both?

                cyborg-grafted pen-finger-tip
                • Re: solution for us both?

                  With a cyborg grafted notepad forearm on the other arm... =P
                  • no... that's on the stomach
                    • How about one there, one on the arm, one on the leg, and one on the back so others can write notes too.
                      • just make it a pen that writes on any skin, but can fade with no ill effects by rubbing it

                        then you could write dirty things on the genitalia, and...
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